Football players embrace the “Never Outworked” mantra

Soleil Lizotte, Zach Lucchetti, Abigail Rolf and Madilynn Romme


Football players Ryan Herrity (09) and Asher Lobato (10) line up to start the game. Student-athletes embraced the “Never Outworked” slogan in memory of Lucas Watts to encourage dedication on and off the field. (Marley Lyon)

Madilynn Romme, Reporter

The blood, sweat and tears all pay off in the end for the Windsor High School football team. N3O2, meaning “Never Outworked,” has been the team’s slogan for 17 years, but the slogan has a much more impactful meaning than meets the eye. “Never Outworked” is in memory of former player Lucas Watts, who proudly wore number 32 for the football team. Lucas Watts not only held himself to this standard during football practice, but he applied it to the entirety of his life, which was unfortunately cut with a medical emergency when he was 25 years old. Now, players and coaches use this slogan in memory of Lucas’ hard work and dedication, something that Windsor High School will forever admire and cherish.