Interact Club collects books for the Windsor, Severance communities


Savannah York (10) sorts through books donated during the book drive. The book drive was held from March 6 to March 24 by Interact Club students. (Madi Romme)

Madilynn Romme, Reporter

Interact Club of Windsor High School held a book drive from March 6 to March 24 to provide books for the little libraries of Windsor and Severance.

Most any books were appreciated, but children and teen books were by far the most popular item needed in the libraries. An Amazon wishlist was set up to conveniently purchase books, as well as a drop box in the WHS library.

Carley Foxx, the Interact Club sponsor, has recently taken up the role of leading meetings and organizing events. She enjoys being the sponsor and was excited for the impact this book drive would have on Windsor and Severance.

“I think all of our projects impact those in our community that are in need because I think sometimes they’re overlooked in our Windsor community since it’s not the typical image that people have come to mind when they think of Windsor, but it’s definitely needed,” Foxx said.

Windsor community member Alex Romme (11) looks through Sue Fowler’s little library. This little library has been there for four years and was inspired by Fowler’s daughter. (Madi Romme)

Sue Fowler, a Windsor resident, has had a little library in front of her house for four years. “When my daughter passed away five years ago, she left probably 100 books, and I didn’t know what to do with them. So I decided a little library would be perfect,” Fowler said. Many people take advantage of this opportunity, Fowler said, as getting books isn’t always accessible for some.

“It’s made me more aware of my neighbors and certainly more aware of their reading habits because a lot of people come by once a week. A lot of people want murder mysteries, a lot of people want romances, you just never know,” Fowler said.

These little libraries are continually in need, with community members regularly wanting new reads.

“I think they’re in constant need of books. Even if someone will knock on my door and put a stack on my porch, that would be just fine because then I could feed them into the little library,” Fowler said.

Sophomore Savannah York has been a member of Interact since the beginning of this school year and has enjoyed getting involved within her school and community. Following the book drive, members will sort through the books and transport them to the libraries.

The drive went very well, as many books were brought in person and a few were bought through Amazon. Members of the club promoted and encouraged peers to get involved in the school through this book drive.

“I’m part of this because I love helping the community and I like doing things for other people,” York said.

Interact is a global and local club that volunteers around the world and decided to take action in providing books for the town. Consider donating to your local little libraries in town to support the Interact Club of Windsor High School!