Key Club sells stars to fundraise for Make-A-Wish, the first time this has happened since 2019


Savannah Klemisch (09) looks at the star board in the cafeteria during one of her classes. Key Club put the star board in the cafeteria to make it noticeable. (Reagan Annable)

Reagan Annable, Reporter

Windsor High School Key Club sold stars March 6-9 to fundraise for Make-A-Wish. Drawings for Dutch Bros gift cards happened March 13-17.

Make-A-Wish gives the stars to Key Club, and Key Club has to sell them. They are fundraising for a student named Allie who has a heart condition. Her wish is to meet Joe Allen, a football player.

Once Key Club received the stars, the leadership team had to think of many ways to convince students to buy stars. Samantha Wilcox, Key Club vice president, came up with the idea of people buying a star, putting their name on it, putting it on a poster with their name not showing and doing drawings every day for a week for Dutch Bros gift cards.

Cambry Parsons (10) writes her name down on one of the stars. Every Advisory teacher got enough stars for all of their students. (Reagan Annable)

“We came up with the idea to like have a raffle but then I just kind of just smooshed them both together and so people in advisories would buy a star and put their name on the back and then take them to the cafeteria and put them up with their names not showing so then every single day during announcements they would pull a random star off and that person would get a Dutch Bros gift card,” Wilcox said.

All members of Key Club helped place them in little baggies to distribute throughout the Advisory teachers. They set up a poster in the cafeteria with a Make-A-Wish sign on it to put the stars on. Mariah Perez, Key Club secretary, helped organize and she introduced it at one of their meetings.

“We all got the stars in little bags and we went to the advisory teachers in the morning, dropped those off, and then we decided to put it in the cafeteria to make it eye-catching,” Perez said.

Key Club has been involved with Make-A-Wish over the past years, but Covid brought many setbacks. When Make-A-Wish contacted Jenelle Duvall, Key Club sponsor and teacher at Windsor High School, she was excited to fundraise for them again and agreed.

“And so the gal has emailed me the last few years, but we just, kind of getting back into everything, haven’t gotten involved with it so when she reached out again this year and I brought it to the team, they were really excited and interested,” Duvall said.

Key Club raised over $750 for Allie through the stars and other fundraising methods. Along with selling the stars, they sold coffee and donuts from Human Bean.

Leaders and members of Key Club look forward to fundraising for Make-A-Wish again next year.